Topper Sunlight A 60

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For your Sunlight T60 motorhome from 2016, we offer a high-quality 4 cm high cold foam topper, which is made from a single piece and has a density of at least 40 kg/m³. This topper is available in three different firmness levels to suit your personal sleep preferences. It extends seamlessly over the entire lying surface of 137 x 210 x 4 cm and is designed without folds for an even lying experience.

In addition to our high-quality topper, we offer tailor-made sheets made of 100% cotton in white or anthracite in our shop, which are perfectly tailored to the lying surface of your Sunlight. These sheets ensure an optimal fit and a comfortable sleeping experience.

The delivery time for the topper and the tailored sheet is around 2-3 weeks to ensure that you can enjoy a restful sleep on your travels as quickly as possible. Invest in maximum comfort and optimal adaptability for your travel experience - everything for your well-being during your adventures with the Sunlight T60.

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