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Why you should buy from Womido?

  • 100% perfect fit for all models

    We guarantee our products are exactly the right fit for your motorhome. Womido maintains a database of manufacturers and models of various motorhomes with centimeter-precise dimensions for the sleeping mattress. Regardless of whether it is curved, slanted or cut-out – we have all the details of your mattress for the respective model.

  • 100% Sleeping comfort

    We value quality because it's the foam that counts. The core of a Womido mattress or topper consists of cold foams with high elasticity and a density of at least 40 kg/m³. With us you get a topper or a cold foam mattress with freely selectable degrees of hardness. If you are not sure which level of hardness is right for you, we combine two levels of hardness in one mattress - no matter what shape your motorhome mattress has. The upper cold foam layer ensures a cozy lying feeling like an additional topper. The lower cold foam layer provides enough stability for every type of sleeper.

  • 100% Made in Germany

    Our philosophy is to offer motorhome and caravan mattresses that meet the high demands on human health, respect the environment, offer optimal chemical and physical properties and, above all, last a long time. For this reason, we work with a local manufacturer who has over 33 years of experience in the individual production of motorhome mattresses.

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  • Christopher

  • Robert

Short Story about Womido.

We are brothers-in-law Christopher and Robert and love traveling. I used to travel the world with a backpack. Sleeping in hammocks, shared rooms, hostels and airplanes...no matter how uncomfortable, your back took it. In recent years we have traveled around Europe with our children by bus, van or motorhome. The sleeping comfort was modest and we always looked forward to our beds at home. At some point we asked ourselves why this is the case and how we can solve this problem!?

So together we set off for new shores to revolutionize sleeping comfort in motorhomes. Our aim is to combine maximum sleeping comfort and optimal fit. What do we need for this? Simply a very good foam that is not only stable, but also breathable, open-pored and very elastic with a high density.

Our (father-in-law) opened a foam factory over 30 years ago and has always worked with cold foam that has exactly the properties mentioned. We can rely on so much experience and customer opinions that we are happy to pass them on and let other people benefit from them.

You can purchase the mattresses from us in three different levels of hardness and if you are not sure which level of hardness is right for you. Simply choose the two-layer version. Here you have a mattress with a medium-firm and firm foam layer.

What was still missing...the accuracy of fit? Here we need the exact dimensions of the world's motorhomes, which form the heart of our database. The result is Womido.

Problem solved!

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