Mattress Sunlight T67 (5 pieces)

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You have finally found your perfect motorhome mattress for your 2020 Sunlight T67 . No more searching, configuring or waiting for your dealer.

We offer you a cold foam mattress in three different degrees of hardness or with two degrees of hardness in one mattress. You can easily turn the latter however you feel comfortable. Whether firm or medium firm, whether you or your partner, whether on the right or left side of the bed, you can decide for yourself how you want to sleep!

With a density of 40 kg/m³, the motorhome mattress offers you the necessary stability, but above all a pleasant, gentle sleeping comfort for different body weights

You get a mattress made up of five individual parts with different heights and a total size of 211.5 x 206 cm.

For optimal sleeping comfort, we also offer you a 4 cm ONE-PIECE cold foam topper for your Sunlight T67 motorhome, which extends over the entire lying surface of 211.5 cm.

You can also purchase a custom-fit sheet in white or anthracite made from 100% cotton in our shop.

Delivery time around 2-3 weeks.

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10% discount on your order if you tell us the dimensions of your mattress.

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