Mattress high roof Ford Nugget

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We provide you with a tailor-made mattress consisting of three parts with a length of 228 cm for the high roof of the 2020 Ford Nugget .

We offer you a 6 - 7 cm high cold foam mattress with a density of at least 40 kg/m³, which you can purchase from us in three different degrees of hardness.

You get a mattress consisting of three parts, with the two straight parts connected with a zipper and 6 cm high. The front, round part is loose and 7 cm high to compensate for the different height of the roof.
The overall dimensions are 138 x 228 x 6/7 cm.
You can also purchase tailor-made sheets from us, either in one piece or consisting of two individual pieces in the colors anthracite or white.

Delivery time around 2-3 weeks.

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10% discount on your order if you tell us the dimensions of your mattress.

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