Mattress Hobby Prestige 540 UFe

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We also have the right caravan mattress or topper for you for the hobby bestseller - Prestige.

You can purchase a 4 cm high cold foam topper of medium hardness for your Hobby Prestige 540 UFe caravan from 2017 from us or directly a new caravan mattress with a height of 8 cm to 16 cm in three different degrees of hardness.

No matter what height, we offer you a true all-rounder and best of all, you no longer have to think about which level of hardness you should buy. Our dual-layer mattress has a core with 2 levels of firmness for sleeping comfort and stability in one mattress. Our caravan mattress offers incredibly comfortable sleeping even with different body weights.

If you are sure which firmness type you are, simply select your desired firmness level and your mattress will be with you within the next three weeks!

New to us - PERFECT FIT SHEET for your Hobby Prestige 540 UFe!

You get a mattress with a total size of 137 x 198 cm.

Delivery time around 2-3 weeks.

Your make, model or year is not listed?

10% discount on your order if you tell us the dimensions of your mattress.

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